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Rodd, and all,

It looks like the closing of this transaction is imminent, to be completed in the next few days, and we wanted to let you know how much we appreciated the services of DRW:


Being an out-of-state property owner, we weren’t sure what to expect when we selected a property manager for our rental house. DRW Services Group was recommended by a trusted friend, and it has turned out to be a very good choice for us. We were most impressed with the communication from your office; by email, text messages, and by phone. If there was an issue to be addressed we were informed of the various options, and once the decisions were made they were implemented quickly. The monthly Owner’s Statements were all-inclusive, readable, and timely. We appreciated the professional attitude of the staff, but we noticed to that there was an informal, friendly nature to it, almost like we were part of the family.


When it came time to sell the house, DRW was our first and only choice to represent us. We had already determined, from our distant location, that we could rely on you be our hands-on managers and agent. You advised us as to how we could improve the “sell-ability” of our house, and went about arranging for the cosmetic and required upgrades. Once again, the coordination from your staff was very impressive during the escrow phase of the sale, and we were forewarned and informed at every step of the way. We have already recommended DRW Services Group to family and friends, and we will continue to do so.


Thank you all for all that you have done for us. We wish you all of the success that you have earned, and that you deserve. 


 Brian and Kim 


A HUGE shout out to everyone at DRW! Brad and Rodd have gone way over and above in every aspect of getting our properties up and going. We acquired these properties under every difficult circumstance possible. A sudden inheritance, in the middle of a 1031 exchange, first time rental property owners located in Canada 1500 miles away, next to no tenant information to set things up and limited access to the buildings! They took over without missing a beat and relentlessly got everything turned around in no time at all. They either have the resources for whatever job is needed or have good contacts in the business to keep cost down. They care about your investment with the goal of protecting and building it over time. Thanks guys, can’t recommend you and your team more highly!! 

  • Kimberly G.
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • My husband and I have dealt with Bradley Wilson and DRW Group since 2007. We rented a property from them and they made the process so smooth for us. Most recently, we sought out DRW when we were ready to sell our townhouse August 2016. Once again The DRW team made the process so quick and easy that not only did they get us more money than expected for our property but also successfully closed escrow in less than 30 days! 
    So why DRW? Well for one thing, when you call their office you will get a live person on the phone and not a machine! However primarily, the thing that most stood out about DRW was their professionalism. My husband and I hardly had a chance to ask our list of questions because they always came prepared (lists, comps, numbers, print outs, rules and regulations you name it they covered it). They're vastly knowledgeable in the real estate business for which we have a solid team of experienced assistants and agents to thank for! The team was always in communication with us, they were always thorough,  upfront and honest which was extremely reassuring. They truly made us feel like we were their top priority, and we couldn't be happier!! Please call DRW Group for your real estate or property management -we highly recommend their services you will not regret it!

    DRW is an awesome company. We've been living in our town home for about 8 months now and so far, I have no complaints. 

    When we first started looking for rental properties, DRW was one of the companies I kept in mind because I liked how organized and efficient their website was. When we found a place we liked, it was easy to set up an appointment for a tour. When we were offered a leasing contract, the application process was informative and the people at the office were very professional and friendly. 

    The thing my husband and I are very impressed with is how quickly maintenance helps with any problem that arises. They work with several companies to help with different repairs so if anything needs fixing, there's a company for that. We just send an email through the tenant portal and within a day I get a call for an appointment. For big emergencies we call Dave. Once we had a big water leak coming from the washing machine, on a Sunday morning, hours before we were heading out to a Chargers game. Naturally, we were freaking out, but Dave came out to help assess the situation and get the necessary professionals to fix it right away. 

    Paying rent is ridiculously easy! I get reminders via email and with a few clicks, rent is paid and a receipt is sent. I'm telling you, that tenant portal is amazing! 

    My experience with the DRW group has been extremely pleasant. The staff is excellent and I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a home to rent.

    ~ Rissa M. 


    Tina T.   San Diego, CA

    After the death of both parents I had to settle the estate which included selling their home.  DRW was recommended by a good friend and I am so very happy with the results!  The house had not been maintained for many years so we had to sell it as is but Lory from DRW's marketing department took pictures of the property, went to the meeting of the local realtor's monthly meeting and presented the house.  Within days we had offers!!  A neighbor put up an illegally high fence with a gate onto my parent's property and threatened a lawsuit because the house was a duplex which he did not know had been originally built that way. Brad Wilson immediately checked the original county and local property records and found that the house was indeed correctly zoned.  He also made it impossible for the neighbor to use the gate to enter our property and sent a cease and desist letter the neighbor.  Case closed and the house closed in a few days!

    This whole transaction was handled professionally and with humor which made a sad task go smoothly even with the disgruntled neighbor!!  Several years later my daughter wanted to purchase her first property and of course I referred her to Brad at DRW.  Brad and his group worked hard to find her a nice property within her limited price range and her standards, which is not easy in San Diego County. Again DRW again came through with flying colors and handled all issues professionally and escrow closed on time!!!  We will continue to us DRW for our real estate transactions and recommend them to my friends

    DRW has my highest recommendation!  When my previous property manager disappeared after failing to pay the homeowners association dues for over a year, DRW seamlessly stepped in and restored my confidence in property management.   Every member of the DRW staff has gone out of their way to ensure both my and my tenant's needs are efficiently and graciously dealt with.  I have complete confidence in DRW's ability to manage any aspect of property management service.  They deal with repairs quickly and ensure quality service at reasonable prices.  Their rent collection, owner remittance and end of tax year paperwork processes are superb.  If you are looking for property management services in the San Diego area, call DRW you won't regret it!
    ~Kathleen E.

    Good morning from Okinawa, Japan; 

    I just want to take the time to tell you guys what a wonderful job you guys are doing with my rental property. I feel that you guys are an amazing asset to have while being deployed overseas. Thank you for everything you do!


    Brad and the rest of the team at DRW,


    Thanks for navigating this closing as smoothly as possible. Over the almost three years, I have found the team at DRW very helpful and reasonable to deal with. With the renters I eneded up with, this relationship was tested and withstood the stress. Now, looking back, I am glad I signed up with you folks. If I need some info or help in the future, I hope I can call on you.


    So long. With best wishes,

    Happy home seller in Chula Vista


    Your company has been wonderful to work with over the years, and I truly appreciate everything you all have done. You have set the platinum standard for property management, and I use your organization as an example of how it should be done all the time up here!

    Best regards,


    Maggie Reese

    REALTOR, Certified Property Manager, Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)

    NV's Real Estate Place


    Hi Nancy.


    Thanks for the info and taking such good care of the condo.



    Hello Diana
    Thank you for keeping me up to date on all the requirements! As usual, you and your staff exceed my expectations at every turn. I am now a Certified Property Manager here in Nevada, and I aspire to the level of service you all provide.
    Happy out of state home owner

    Hello Nancy,

    I was recently in Chula Vista and drove by the house (it looks great).  I talked to some of the neighbors and they said the tenants were quiet.

    Everyone’s happy.  DRW has done a good job. Happy owner -Chula Vista


    Wow Betty... you're the best. In my 29 years I living I have NEVER had such great customer service.

    Happy tenant applicant serving in Iraq 


    Your company sets the standard from my perspective! Your attention to detail and communication is outstanding. There is nothing I can think of that you need to to improve.   

    Home owner Chula Vista 

    My only issue was there was plumbing problem a the property. I elected to have DRW call out a plumber. He said he would call me to tell me about the results and how much it cost and that it could just be taken from the proceeds of the next month's rent. All of that was great and I was pleased. My only critique is that no one ever called me with the results of the work. I figured out how much it cost when my smaller check came and the financial statement, but no copy of the plumbing invoice. I never called to ask about it because I do trust the company, and frankly I got busy and just let it go. If someone could take a minute to pull up the invoice from the plumber and email me I'd appreciate it. As for the DRW staff, everyone is always very nice and courteous. I do feel my property is being managed by people who care. Condo owner Chula Vista


    Just keep doing what you do. I think the service is excellent.   

    Condo owner Chula Vista 

    Thank you for managing my property. I am very pleased to be doing business with DRW. Your staff was courteous and helpful, I always receive prompt attention and my overall experience rating is Excellent.  

    Condo Owner Chula Vista

    Keep up the good work, you have "great" people. The result of which is a "Greater" team. On a scale of "10" you are a "12"!!! Hope I have 20 more years with you. Bonita, Ca owner -property under management since 2000
      I hope the entire DRW "gang" has a woderful Christmas and holiday season.  Let's hope that 2011 is a great year for all of us!  Thank you for the wonderful job you do. 

    Owner of 8 units in Chula Vista 

    Hi Nancy

    Thank you for the closing statement.  We are so excited to hear that you have a new tenant for Geyserville.

    My husband and I are very appreciative of all the help and understanding we've received from the DRW staff.

     Hey thanks for your help. I greatly appreciate your attitude in always willing to go the extra mile for your customers. You have the rare qualities of being nice, professional and efficient. Not to mention you are beautiful and make it easy on the eyes... I hope to do future business with DRW because the entire staff is like dealing with family.

    April 2010  
    Once again, I think I should say thank you, thank you.  This situation went from a potentially $9100 liability to only my $1000 deductible insurance payment.  It is because of your negotiating ability with Nationwide as well as your experience with PuroClean that this  disaster had such a fortunate outcome.
    Please, feel free to use my name as a testomonial to the outstanding service provided by DRW Property Management.  
    Very Happy owner of Chula Vista property dealing with water damage. 

    Thanks for doing such a good job replacing the departing tenant with so little down time.

    I liked your calm but constructive reply letting our tenant know our limits. I appreciate your conscientious care of our tenant and our home. You are a great manager! All the best.

    I received your very nice Christmas card. Thank you all. I certainly appreciate all you are doing for us.

    We just wanted to take this opportunity to show our appreciation and personally thank each of you for your exceptional management talents and conscientious devotion to details on our behalf.  You each are greatly appreciated and we thank you very much. 

    Satisfied builder/owner 18 condos under management

    Rated excellent in meeting or exceeding expectations
    Rated good in courteous staff
    Rated good for prompt attention to calls to the office

    Just a few of our Satisfied Owners:
    Luis R.- Spring Valley, CA
    V.L. - San Diego, CA
    Steve G.- Chula Vista, CA
    Albert G.  - San Antonio, Tx
    David P.- Norfolk, VA
    Mary G. - Chula Vista, CA
    John M. - Chula Vista, CA
    Julie H.- San Diego, CA
    Tom B. - U.S. Navy
    Josh E. - Orange, CA
    Don J. - Carlsbad, CA
    Ann E.- Cherry Hill, NJ
    D.J.- Port Orchard, WA
    R. A. - U.S. Navy
    Matt  D. - Niceville, FL
    Rico L. - Chandler, AZ
    Marty H. - Upper Marlboro, MD
    Gary G. - Davison, MI

    Dave and associates- Good job, thanks and continue the success. - J.S.  Owner in Florida

    Keep up the good work! You have been prompt at handling anything that has come up so far and in notifying us as well.  W.M- happy owner in Idaho 

    Hi Barbara, wow! The appliance repairman was able to fix the issue with the unit's refrigerator. He was professional, prepared, and had all the equipment/parts needed to repair it (Dave was his name). Thank you Barbara also, kudos to DRW management for your excellent customer care and service. -a satisfied tenant

    Thanks VERY much for getting everything handled so thoroughly and quickly, Brad . I can´t believe that you found renters within two days of listing the house! I really appreciate your accessibility, and that of your staff, and your responsiveness to my requests for assistance and information. The house is in great hands!

    Seeing your ad for renting a Radio Drive property, I am prompted to chat with you about management as we own a rental house on Radio and other Encanto, Lemon Grove and Spring Valley properties. We work hard to upgrade and maintain them well. That is important to me.
    Your web site is very nice and I like how you show the available rentals and the rented ones as well. Great marketing to me.
    -Inquiring Property Owner

    Thanks for discussing my suggestion. Truly appreciate the wonderful care you're providing for our home in San Diego, and the professional manner which you manage our home. Not looking for additions to your current duty. Always looking for ways to minimize cost.

    Again, thanks for your consideration.
    -Satisfied Property Owner, Tennessee

    This is my first experience with a Property Management team and you guys are awesome! Your team is very prompt in answering questions and you made me very comfortable by keeping me informed with everything.

    -Satisfied Property Owner, Chula Vista

    I really appreciate the heads-up, on-top-of-the-situation response from you
    guys. In my experience, management service like that is the exception
    rather than the rule. If you ever need recommendations from an out-of-state
    landlord that feels safe with you, let me know.

    -Satisfied Property Owner, Hawaii

    Thank you for your extra efforts in solving this dilema. We appreciate your's, Dave's and Brad's "ABOVE AND BEYOND" the call of duty to manage SummerWind with your expertise and efficiency. We are very glad we found DRW Management.
     Thanks Again
    -Satisfied Property Owner, San Diego

    Thank you for taking care of this for me. I appreciate your professionalism, and that you took care of this quickly.

    Take Care,
    -Satisfied Property Owner, Nevada

    Thank you for the notice. You guys are doing a great job and we appreciate your hard work and professionalism. I am confident in your services and plan to continue to rent my property through you. If you ever need a reference please keep us in mind.
     -Satisfied Property Owner, San Diego

    My wife and I would like to thank you for being such fantastic property managers. Everyone at DRW has been friendly and responsive throughout our stay at the Sunny View Dr. property. Repairs and service work were performed promptly and with very little disruption to our family. Given the opportunity, we will definitely refer anyone interested in property management services to you - or consider using your services ourselves, should be begin investing in rentals in the future.

    Best Regards,
    -Satisfied Tenant, Bonita

    Thank you for your great work on the tenant turnover. We truly appreciate all you do.

    -Satisfied Property Owner, Washington 

    DRW Services Group, Inc.
    DRW Services Group, Inc.
    Cal DRE# 01518539
    276 Landis Avenue Chula Vista CA 91910